About Us

Welcome to Theia's! We are so happy that you have come for a visit! Theia's was started by me, Samantha. Yes, I know, you would think my name is Theia, but it is not. The name Theia comes from the Greek Goddess of Silver. My very first collection was the Roman glass. This glass is harvested from the wonderful land of Israel. This glass is dated to be well over 2000 years old! Talk about an awesome piece of history you are wearing around your neck!

I wanted to create a collection of jewelry that was 100% pure .925 stamped Sterling Silver. A collection that would showcase what beauty natural jewelry can have. A collection that has an ancient essence to it. A collection that will not turn your finger green!

I have traveled all over this great world and have experienced some amazing things. One thing that has always come home with me was a piece of jewelry. Not really just a piece of jewelry, but a memory you could say. A good quality piece of jewelry will last you a lifetime and that is exactly what my goal is, to share with you a piece of my collection that will last you a lifetime and hopefully come with a great memory.

You can be assured that every piece in my collections are made from the best of the best of materials and crafted from the very best artisans. Every piece is hand crafted to bring you a unique look. 

Thank you for visiting Theia's. I hope your experience with us was amazing and that you come back again! If there is any question you have or something you would like to see in one of my collections, please email at support@theiassilver.com.